Alright, alright, I will admit it: I have struggled greatly with forgiveness. Forgiving myself and forgiving others. As with most issues I struggle with, I realize this issue stems from my childhood. Although my parents were wonderful parents, they weren’t... read more

Three Simple Words to Change Your Life

As I have mentioned before, how we speak to ourselves and the words we choose use hold massive power over our subconscious actions and behaviors. For years, I struggled with self hate. From the time I was a small child, I compared myself to every one. I spent years... read more

How to Regain Control Over Your Eating Habits

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with my relationship to food and my eating habits. I have suffered from stomach issues from the time I was a young child. In my twenties, I learned I had Celiac disease. The only known cure for Celiac disease is to stop... read more

Top 5 Free Guided Meditations

As I mentioned earlier, finding quality guided meditations on YouTube is a challenge. I am very particular about the guided meditations I listen to. Tone and consistency of the speakers voice is very important. Also, I am easily distracted by voice inflictions. I must... read more

Three Deep Breaths

Two and a half years ago, I met the therapist of my dreams. Within weeks, she led me the start of my transformation, and it began with a technique she called three deep breaths. At the start of every session, before I uttered a word, she would have me take three slow,... read more

My Favorite Mantra Meditation Music

I am someone who typically prefers traditional Zen meditation (read more about the 23 different types of meditation). Lately, though, I find myself really digging mantra meditation set to music. YouTube has a TON of free mantra meditations available. It takes some... read more